Have You Ever Considered The Effects Of The Weather On Your Skin?

Summer is the best time of year for many people as we all enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities in the warm sun!  Although we enjoy being outside to play sports or games, spend time at the beach or on a boat, visit friends at a backyard BBQ, or go for a long hike, our skin suffers the consequences of time spent in the sun.

How Can We Balance The Enjoyment Of Summer Sun And Keeping Our Skin Safe?

In addition to wearing sunscreen regularly and seeing a dermatologist yearly, there are other ways to protect your skin.  Covering skin with SPF clothing is very helpful, but your face is mostly uncovered so this is where sunscreen in addition to moisturizing is critical. 

The greatest benefit of our moisturizers is that they work and feel amazing on your skin.  Some products have such high concentrations of ingredients that may be irritating to skin.  Some people believe that if you don’t feel it tingling or burning that it isn’t working.  This is not the case. You should know that it is working even though you don’t feel it because your skin is usually very dry during the summer months, and since using these products it is very hydrated.  In addition, We believe they have helped even out the skin tone that has had some damage from past sunbathing.  The natural oils and butters we use in our formulation are very hydrating without being greasy or heavy. There are organic extracts that soothe the skin and prevent irritation making this cream safe for all skin types.

With the various oils such as, avocado oil, &. sweet almond oil skin is left with a smooth glow. There are many vitamins in our products and Vitamin E in particular helps destroy free radicals that damage skin.

The Bottom Line….

In addition to all of the great features of the related products, the ingredients are organic, so we are confident that we are helping in treating the skin with health and love.